Twin Oaks Child Development Center

Get to know us and what we stand for. See our beliefs page to get an understanding of the tenants that guide our care. See for yourself what makes us different and why you should entrust the wellbeing of your child with us.

Programs Available

Pre-School (3-5 years): Our Preschool Program helps children build the skills needed to succeed in Kindergarten. By following the Hillsboro and Beaverton school districts' kindergarten readiness assessment, you can breathe easy knowing your children is learning the skills needed for their next transition. We focus on social development, numbers, letters, writing, science, reading, art, and following directions. We provide both indoor and outdoor play areas, to give children time to play regardless of the weather. By having a mixed age classroom, children are given addition time to refine their skills while receiving instruction from the same teachers, providing stability and allowing for greater bonds between teachers and friends.


Toddlers (2-3 years): Our toddler program helps those 2 to 3 transition into toddler hood by focusing on developing routines, schedules, and following directions. Some of the aspects we focus on are potty training, writing, art, science, gross and fine motor skills. We help children build relationships with their peers by offering guided free time, circle time, and structured group projects. Each month we focus on a different theme while taking time each week to work on our letters and numbers.

Infants (0-2 years): Our infant classroom is specially designed. In our 0 to 2 classroom, children are given extended time to develop trusting relationships with their caregivers and their peers. They are allowed to grow on their own schedule. We structure our day to allow each child the ability to set their own schedule and hit milestones at their own pace. We know not every child develops along the same time frame. That is why having an extended infant classroom is so beneficial to development.

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Twin Oaks offers child care services to the Beaverton, Hillsboro and Aloha areas. We serve infants, toddlers and preschoolers in our 3 classrooms. Focusing on developmentally appropriate programs with caring, supportive teachers. We provide center like enrichment with in-home like care. It's the best of both worlds.  


Values-based care

“The staff at Twin Oaks are caring with children and responsive to parents. Our preschooler and toddler feel safe and loved while they are there and we appreciate the intimate setting that allows staff and children to really know one another. A wonderful place to be!”

- Tia Over (Google review)



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