Twin Oaks Child Development Center

Place all your pre-kindergarten-aged children with us. Click here for information on our program for infants and here for our program for pre-schoolers. Enroll a second child and receive a discount!

Guidance and room to grow

Place your toddler in a learning environment that is hands-on and also structures their day. Have your children practice the idea of time as they follow a loosely based schedule. They will have opportunities to experience circle time, group art, group play stations, meal times and rest times.


Each month have your toddler learn a new theme. We make monthly plans that outline a learning idea. Allow your child plenty of opportunities to try different things as our teachers bring in new materials and toys often.

  • Approaches to learning

  • Social and emotional development

  • Physical development and health

  • Communication, language, and literacy

  • Cognitive development

  • Creative arts


Come see our community for yourself.

Give us a call for more information or to schedule a tour.


As you child approaches toddler-hood, they need even more opportunities to explore. Help your child understand their play as intentional by letting us take them through their activities and giving them additional options to expand their imaginations.


What we have to offer

Does your toddler have a brother or a sister?

“My Daughter has been at Twin Oaks Development Center from infant to pre-school. The teachers are loving, compassionate and you can tell the teachers enjoy interacting with the kiddos. My daughter loves her school and I know she is in a GREAT place!”

- Christy Livingston